Depression and anxiety among students: Kiel students help | – News

Status: 29.05.2024 05:00 a.m. A team of 35 psychology students from Kiel offers workshops on mental health in schools. Their goal is to destigmatize mental disorders and show students where they can find help when they are not feeling well. by Lisa Pandelaki Toleen Nachtigall only completed her high school diploma last year at the […]

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Fitness: Exercises for at home and in everyday life | – Guide

Status: 28.05.2024 08:33 a.m. | from North German Broadcasting logo We can train strength, endurance and coordination in everyday life – without special equipment. Micro-workouts and fitness exercises can even replace cardio and strength training. We don’t have to plan a lot of time and can do a lot for our fitness at home. This […]

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Planting, pruning and fertilizing rhododendrons correctly | – Guide – Garden

Status: 24.05.2024 10:21 a.m. To prevent rhododendrons from developing diseases, they must be planted in the right location. With good care, they can grow to be several meters tall. The plant usually does not need to be trimmed. It blooms profusely in countless colors and can reach a considerable size over the years: Rhododendron, also […]

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Planting, caring for and cutting mallows in the garden | – Guide – Garden

Status: 22.05.2024 14:16 In addition to the wild mallow, there are many other varieties of hardy and undemanding summer bloomers. Some mallow species thrive in beds as well as in pots. What should be considered when it comes to location and care? In addition to the Hollyhocks, wild mallow, bush mallow and musk mallow are […]

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Lose weight healthily if you are obese by changing your diet | – Guide

As of: May 16, 2024 11:25 a.m If you are overweight, counting calories alone is not enough. If you want to lose weight, you have to bring structure to your meals and permanently change your diet: eat more of the right things, less of the wrong things. The only way to reduce weight in the […]

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Why so many nursing trainees fail and what helps against it | – News

As of: April 30, 2024 5:20 p.m Work in shift system. Caring for old, sick and dying people. The job as a nurse is mentally and physically challenging. This is also evident in training. The Indian trainee Elsa Philo Aloysius practices a bedside patient interview. One in five nursing trainees does not pass the training […]

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Caring for, planting and overwintering hydrangeas | – Guide – Garden

As of: April 30, 2024 10:22 a.m Hydrangeas beautify the garden with their pretty umbels. If they grow in the right location, the effort required for care is not particularly high. However, the plants need a lot of water. For a long time they were considered old-fashioned, but today they are blooming again in many […]

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Apply for a nursing degree: This is how it works | – Guide

As of: April 24, 2024 2:30 p.m Anyone who needs care or help in everyday life in old age can receive benefits from long-term care insurance. What are the requirements? What services are there? Tips for applying. Anyone who would like to receive money from nursing care insurance must submit an application. Applicants are the […]

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