Fitness: The beach vacation is approaching – How often do you have to train for a beach body?

JEvery summer, the battle against the love handles begins again for many people – a decent beach body is needed, and as quickly as possible. It should now be clear that this cannot be achieved with a starvation diet alone. Only a healthy diet and a strict exercise plan can actually help. But how often […]

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Fitness in primary school age: Our children are so unathletic

Children are less athletic and less mobile than in the years before the pandemic. The Baden-Württemberg Children’s Gymnastics Foundation has published its new fitness barometer – with these results. On the day that the Children’s Gymnastics Foundation of the State of Baden-Württemberg announces how worrying the fitness of three to ten year olds is, not […]

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25 years of op-online-Celebrates our anniversary today with Fitness Park

Home page Offenbach 25 years op online Was standing: May 13, 2024, 10:58 a.m PressSplit 25 years of – Fitness Park © (Montage 25 years of and we are celebrating together with well-known partners from the region. Today we are giving away the prize with Fitness Park among all participants. In our […]

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Live longer: 63-year-old ultra runner reveals fitness secret

John Salton drinks a lot of water and eats fermented foods.John Salton John Salton is a 63-year-old ultra runner. He started running ten years ago and regularly runs long distances. To recharge his batteries, Salton drinks at least two liters of water every day and eats a vegan diet. This is a machine translation […]

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