20 Apr, 2024

Infrabike, the recumbent bike halfway between fitness and aesthetics

Like aquabike, this sporting activity immerses us in a bubble, not aquatic, but infrared. Odd ? We’ll explain it to you. The infrabike, as its name suggests, consists of slipping into a machine filled with infrared LEDs and pedaling like on a bicycle… with the only difference that you are completely lying down. The goal […]

7 mins read

The C Club Fitness, a wellness break at the Carlton in Cannes

C Club Fitness offers a unique concept designed by recognized fitness trainer and celebrity trainer Stéphane Demouy. Inaugurated by Mike Tyson in June 2023, this extraordinary venue at the Carlton in Cannes covers an area of ​​450 m² and offers a unique intelligent sports experience, adapted to everyone thanks to tailor-made coaching. Today, the Carlton […]

6 mins read

The Multiverse: 4 ways to understand the concept, according to science

Photo credit, GETTY IMAGES Article information Author, Max Tobin Role, BBC Reel series “Existential Crises” October 1, 2023 Imagine the following situation: It’s the day of an important job interview, but you haven’t woken up, so you quickly get dressed, grab something to eat, and rush to the bus stop. But since you don’t arrive […]

10 mins read