This is how research aims to reduce mental illnesses in children and adolescents: …

This is how research aims to reduce mental illnesses in children and adolescents: DZPG targets risk factors Berlin, 24.6.2024 – Up to 20 percent of children and young people in Germany have a mental disorder. But not all children are equally at risk. At the German Center for Mental Health (DZPG), many projects are being […]

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Six forms of depression identified – Mental illness manifests itself in different biotypes

Neuronal differences: Depression is not the same as depression – there are apparently at least six different subtypes, as researchers have discovered. These biotypes can be identified using brain scans. Because they are based on different functional disorders, not all of them respond to common antidepressants. In the future, brain scans could make diagnosis easier […]

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Mental illness as the main cause of occupational disability!

Specialists, therapists and health politicians are sounding the alarm: mental illnesses are increasing throughout Germany. Depression, anxiety disorders and other mental illnesses are not only responsible for increasing work absences, but also responsible for increasing numbers of occupational disabilitiesMental illness can cause immense suffering for those affected and their relatives. But what illnesses are involved, […]

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Lenovo develops AI avatars to explore the role of technology in mental health

RALEIGH, North Carolina – Lenovo ™ today released the latest version of its Work For Humankind project, ‘Meet Your Digital Self.’ The project highlights the role that smarter technology and AI can play in driving change and supporting mental health professionals in tackling the global youth mental health crisis. This initiative addresses the challenges young […]

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Mental health problems at work? How an immediate counselor can help

The immediate advisors also provide assistance over the phone.Image: IMAGO/Panthermedia Jobs with a future In our series “Jobs with a Future” we take a look at jobs that are particularly exciting. Because they are new, future-proof or simply different. Or because they make the world better in some way. In medicine, first aid means intervening […]

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