20 Apr, 2024

For a softer health budget – Plantes et Santé

In this context of inflation, health expenses weigh more and more heavily on a daily basis. Already, health insurance does not cover any plant-based food supplements. And since January 1, 2021, even homeopathic medicines are no longer reimbursed. Françoise Couic-Marinier, doctor of pharmacy and specialist in essential oils, has worked in pharmacies for thirty years […]

8 mins read

Foods recommended to fight depression

Eating naturally nourishes the body, but also the mind. Indeed, a healthy diet is full of substances that help to cope with stress, manage emotions and feel positive. Among them, nutrients which boost brain function (omega 3, etc.), and those which make it possible to produce neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine) which influence mood. So, the first […]

5 mins read

Here are the vitamins and minerals to consume to have a healthy brain

Sorting through the myriad of foods and supplements can be a difficult task. From immune-boosting remedies to little energizing capsules, how do you know which products will make a real difference when it comes to maintaining your brain health? Whether you’re looking for the best vitamins or minerals, or want to incorporate more brain-friendly foods […]

5 mins read

Nutrition and sport: What to eat before training — and why the meal the day before is more important

Photo credit, Getty images Article information To maintain a healthy routine, what we eat plays a crucial role. Not only because food has the power to make us gain or lose weight, sleep better and change our mood, but also because your meals can dictate how you perform physical activities, including the amount of energy […]

9 mins read

Mental health in the workplace: a toolkit to help managers

The pandemic has shone a spotlight on mental health issues in the workplace.This situation puts increased pressure on managers, who do not necessarily have adequate training to deal with it. Solution: an informative and practical toolkit prepared by the Order of Approved Human Resources Advisors (CRHA), with the financial participation of the Government of Quebec. […]

10 mins read

Bipolar disorder: can we really detect it in our blood?

Will a bipolar person soon be able to be detected through a blood test? We are not there yet, according to Doctor Boris Chaumette, psychiatrist and researcher at Inserm, who nevertheless welcomes recent scientific progress with a view to diagnosing these patients earlier. In France, the medical wandering of patients suffering from this chronic mental […]

6 mins read