20 Apr, 2024

Ayoub Simour, journalist at Bondy Blog: “I hope this podcast will raise awareness”

There is an urgent need to archive the stories of the ancients. For this first and wonderful podcast from the Bondy Blog, elderly women and men from immigrant backgrounds talk about their childhood memories, their arrival in France as well as the adaptation to their new life. Originally from Algeria, Djamila left her country to […]

6 mins read

Money and happiness | The story of the man who forgot about an investment for 33 years

In Money and happiness, our journalist Nicolas Bérubé offers his thoughts on enrichment every Sunday. His texts are sent as a newsletter the next day. Updated March 17 I like to say that the best way to be successful with our investments is to “forget” them. This is because the biggest risk to our returns […]

10 mins read

Essonne: with the help of a composer, high school students tell their lives in music

By Thibaut Faussabry Published on 12 Mar 24 at 6:24 p.m. See my news Follow News Essonne With headphones on, they each took turns rapping, singing or slamming into the microphone, their daily lives or a particular moment in their lives. Monday March 11, 2024, fifteen high school students, students at vocational high school The […]

5 mins read

My fiancé makes me pay for his friend every time we go out together

When the line between empathy and obligation blurs, personal stories emerge that challenge our perceptions of responsibility and support. One woman’s experience, shared publicly, highlights this dilemma. A woman sitting by the window | Source: Pexels In September 2022, a woman aired her grievances against her fiancé on Reddit, propelling her personal life into the […]

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Choose a rare small meaningful tattoo from these 18 designs

THE tattoos either we love them or we don’t love them and yet! Long the prerogative of soldiers, sailors and marginalized people… tattooing has become democratized to become a popular art in its own right. This is how today one in five French people have already tattooaccording to a 2017 Ifop survey. Why get a […]

13 mins read

26 billion pieces of personal data circulate on the web

Published on January 24, 2024 Vincent Paquette Researcher Bob Dyachenko and the Cybernews site noted the existence of a 12 terabyte document containing more than 26 billion personal files currently circulating on the web. These files contain the personal information of millions of users of popular platforms such as X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Deezer, Adobe and […]

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