20 Apr, 2024

Nutrition coaching: How to pamper our microbiota?

Forget your neurons, your chromosomes, everything comes from your microbes! Well almost. Not a week goes by without a new scientific study revealing the incredible impact of the 50,000 billion microorganisms in our body. We are microbial beings, and our skin, our mouth, our vagina, and especially our digestive system harbor colonies of bacteria, phages, […]

6 mins read

Open letter from 103 organizations to Élisabeth Borne for a real National Strategy for food, nutrition and climate

Open letter: It is urgent that the State regulates the agri-food sector more strictly to ensure healthy and sustainable food for all Madam Prime Minister, The government will soon define its National Strategy for Food, Nutrition and Climate (SNANC), which will guide France’s food policy by 2030. The stakes are immense: our food plays a […]

8 mins read