Can’t lose weight? Which foods slow down your metabolism

Losing weight isn’t working? Fattening substances slow down the metabolism – and we don’t notice it Today, 03.06.2024 | 12:59 FOCUS online/Wochit Metabolism decides: That’s why some people just don’t lose weight More than half of Germans are overweight. According to nutrition expert Golo Willand, one of the reasons for this is so-called fattening substances. […]

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Lose weight healthily if you are obese by changing your diet | – Guide

As of: May 16, 2024 11:25 a.m If you are overweight, counting calories alone is not enough. If you want to lose weight, you have to bring structure to your meals and permanently change your diet: eat more of the right things, less of the wrong things. The only way to reduce weight in the […]

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Train muscles and lose fat: tips from an expert

It sounds strange, but tacos, flatbreads and burritos are great for a balanced diet.anandaBGD A 29-year-old American does sports every day and eats a lot of carbohydrates. At Business Insider, nutritionist Jaclyn London reveals how he can improve his diet. London recommends a rich breakfast consisting of yogurt, nuts and fruit to help build muscles. […]

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