Clean Eating: How healthy is the popular diet?

What is clean eating? “Clean eating originated as a kind of lifestyle concept in the USA,” says Antje Gahl, nutritionist from the German Nutrition Society. Several cookbooks and many hashtags and likes later, the concept has also been popular here for some time. Translated, the term means something like “clean eating”. Clean here means: avoiding […]

11 mins read

Nutrition expert: 7 healthy foods for the brain and gut

Foods like berries, chocolate, greens and nuts contribute to a healthy gut while protecting your brain.Courtesy of MasterClass/Getty Images/Cathy Scola Dr. Uma Naidoo is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and professional chef. She explains why a healthy diet helps promote beneficial bacteria in the gut that support the brain. Simple staples like fresh herbs and leafy greens […]

8 mins read

Healthy eating in the office, home office and on the construction site

What should I eat today? In the stressful working day, healthy eating is often neglected. Nutritionist Carmen Brenn knows cheap, delicious and quick alternatives to chips, pizza, kebabs and the like. This article is part of the special topic Crafts and Sport: An unbeatable team Leberkäse rolls, kebabs or pizza to go. You can eat […]

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Only one egg per week? What is now considered healthy

Hamburg. New nutritional recommendations in Germany. How Dr. Matthias Riedl assesses them and which strict standards apply to alcohol. Do we all have to rethink things now? The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recently issued new recommendations on the consumption of dairy, meat and plant products as well as sweets and snacks. The nutritional doctor […]

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