20 Apr, 2024

How to read nutrition labels and what to look out for in your food

When it comes to maintaining optimal health, one of the most important things to do is to stay informed. Getting age-appropriate screenings for diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure or cancer, for instance, can help you avoid the worst outcomes of either ailment. Understanding vaccination guidelines, the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, […]

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Gov. Kim Reynolds plays politics with words about child nutrition • Iowa Capital Dispatch

“Unsustainable” is a fascinating word, especially when it is used in government and politics. Merriam-Webster, the dictionary folks, tell us unsustainable means something cannot be continued or supported. But in governmental affairs, that definition sometimes gets changed. Instead of something truly being incapable of continuing, the word often means the person using the term simply […]

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What’s the scoop on protein powder? Nutrition experts share 3 things to know about the popular supplement

Shaking up a few scoops of protein powder with water may be part of your post-workout recovery ritual. Or, perhaps you prefer blending it in your daily smoothie so the drink becomes less a snack and more a meal. But how much do you know about your preferred protein powder and what it is or […]

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Baranyai: School nutrition program has many benefits for all of society

Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Columnists School food programs are one of those initiatives with an outsized return on investment, like fluoridated water or prenatal vitamins. Author of the article: Robin Baranyai • Special to Postmedia News Published Apr 14, 2024 • Last updated 15 hours ago • 3 minute read You can save this article […]

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Nutricode’s AI-powered personalized nutrition platform aims to save consumers from information

Since early 2023, Nutricode founders Mathieu Kremeth and Romain Del Friuli have injected over 700 research papers into a database. Leveraging their background in data science and AI research, the duo then built a type of algorithm called ensemble learning, which uses the database to give personalized recommendations on dietary supplements. “What we wanted is […]

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Nutrition coaching: how to prepare your body for pregnancy through your diet?

Should you adapt your diet when you plan to become a parent? It all depends on the initial quality of the diet. But it can be interesting to optimize your diet and favor certain nutrients. Especially if you suffer from endometriosis, PCOS and more generally fertility problems. Mandatory check-up Let’s be clear: there is no […]

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What is Zoe? We try the nutrition testing kit that checks blood sugar and microbiome health, and the companion app

Zoe has attracted about 130,000 subscribers and has 597,000 followers on social media platform Instagram. The CGM is similar to the ones diabetics use to track their blood glucose levels. You wear it for two weeks to obtain a good cross-section of results, which the Zoe app then uses to recommend certain foods to eat […]

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