20 Apr, 2024

My child or teenager wants to become vegetarian: how can I balance their meals?

SUMMARY What exactly is being vegetarian? Are there risks of deficiencies if we no longer eat meat? Understand why the child or adolescent refuses to eat meat How to replace meat for children and adolescents? Attractive vegetarian meals are possible and we want more! Do not hesitate to call on a dietician-nutritionist for your child. […]

9 mins read

Nutricode’s AI-powered personalized nutrition platform aims to save consumers from information

Since early 2023, Nutricode founders Mathieu Kremeth and Romain Del Friuli have injected over 700 research papers into a database. Leveraging their background in data science and AI research, the duo then built a type of algorithm called ensemble learning, which uses the database to give personalized recommendations on dietary supplements. “What we wanted is […]

6 mins read

Nutrition coaching: how to prepare your body for pregnancy through your diet?

Should you adapt your diet when you plan to become a parent? It all depends on the initial quality of the diet. But it can be interesting to optimize your diet and favor certain nutrients. Especially if you suffer from endometriosis, PCOS and more generally fertility problems. Mandatory check-up Let’s be clear: there is no […]

7 mins read

What is Zoe? We try the nutrition testing kit that checks blood sugar and microbiome health, and the companion app

Zoe has attracted about 130,000 subscribers and has 597,000 followers on social media platform Instagram. The CGM is similar to the ones diabetics use to track their blood glucose levels. You wear it for two weeks to obtain a good cross-section of results, which the Zoe app then uses to recommend certain foods to eat […]

10 mins read

Nutrition helps lower dementia risk • Earth.com

Dementia risk reduction and memory enhancement in older adults are at the forefront of recent findings by the Gerontological Society of America, highlighting the profound link between our diet and brain health. Their latest report, “Insights & Implications in Gerontology: The Vital Role of Nutrition in Brain Health,” emphasizes how certain dietary choices can significantly […]

6 mins read

Boost your performance and recovery with BCAAs

Discover how BCAAs and amino acids improve performance and recovery in MMA ✔ Directions for use by Power Nutrition. In the competitive world of MMA, every detail counts to stand out and achieve excellence. ActuMMA highlights the expertise of Power Nutrition, recognized expert in sports nutrition for almost 10 years. Whether through its website or […]

5 mins read

Nurturing Health Through Nutrition: World Health Day 2024

As we commemorate World Health Day 2024 themed ‘My health, my right,’ the focus turns to the critical importance of good food and nutrition, particularly in regions like Central and West Africa. Nutrition is the foundation of human health, influencing every aspect of physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. In these regions, where socio-economic gaps, environmental […]

6 mins read

ADHD: what diet to adopt?

THE attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD) concerns 5.9% of those under 18 and 2.8% of adults, according to the Health Insurance website. This neurodevelopment disorder generally occurs during childhood (before 12 years) and is characterized by the combination of three symptoms whose intensity varies from one person to another: attention deficit, motor […]

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