Study warns of consequences of these ultra-processed foods

According to the study, processed meat was linked to the greatest risk of early death.Cavan Images/Getty Images Ultra-processed foods have been linked to several health disorders. For example, new research has found that eating certain types of this type of food carries a higher risk of early death than others. Processed meats and sweetened beverages […]

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Young people are still suffering from the consequences of the corona pandemic to this day

exclusive As of: April 25, 2024 6:00 a.m Thousands of young people are still suffering from the after-effects of the corona pandemic. The school closures in particular have affected them. The result: a massive increase in mental illnesses. By J. Arendt, L. Polanz and A. Pollmeier. By Janine Arendt, Lutz Polanz and Achim Pollmeier, WDR. […]

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