20 Apr, 2024

“We leave the gown in the locker room”, patients and caregivers bring an association to life in Périgueux

VSis the story of the commission from a director of a quarter-hour institutional video, which became a 72-minute film, with poster, trailer, press kit, exploitation visa (1) and projection in a real cinema hall. “Change (bath water)” is a documentary directed by Fred Roumagne (who also wrote the music), following interviews conducted in 2022 with […]

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To what extent is the company responsible?

Company Responsibilities Yes, businesses have legal obligations regarding health and safety at work, which includes the mental health of employees. Additionally, businesses have an ethical responsibility to their employees, including providing a healthy and safe working environment. French law imposes obligations on the employer in matters of mental health, which appear in the Labor Code: […]

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In Niagara Falls, the psychological distress of several asylum seekers

Soaring rents, culinary differences and the language barrier complicate the integration of asylum seekers housed in Niagara Falls, not without consequences on their mental health. “Finding a job for French speakers is not easy. Housing is even worse,” testifies Nickensonievzsky Aubourg, an agent at the Hamilton/Niagara Community Health Center (CSCHN), which serves the French-speaking community. […]

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Fight against abuse: the Government unveils its national strategy

On March 25, the Minister of Elderly and Disabled People, Fadila Khattabi, presented the national strategy to combat abuse 2024-2027 to medico-social stakeholders. In five areas, it takes up some of the proposals made during the “General States of Mistreatment” which were held in 2023, following the Orpea nursing home scandal. Unannounced checks in establishments […]

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here’s why it’s beneficial for our mental health, according to an expert

Spring has just made its comeback, much to our delight. But the return of sunny days also means big cleaning and tidying up! While this may seem daunting at first, it actually appears that spring cleaning is actually beneficial for mental health. According to experts, the ritual it represents, the satisfaction of the work accomplished […]

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Burn out, depression, anxiety… how is the mental health of young people in Strasbourg?

Looking into issues related to mental health, is this topical? If we are to believe the figures from the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the answer is clear: yes. With 13 million French people affected by mental illness and psychological disorders, the subject is emerging as a major societal issue. And the young people of […]

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The decline in the mental health of young Britons affects the economy – rts.ch

The United Kingdom is facing a worrying increase in mental disorders among 18-24 year olds, according to a study published on February 26 by the independent British think tank Resolution Foundation. The national economy, already damaged by the labor shortage, is affected, warns the author of the report in Tout un monde Friday. Although this […]

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A blood test to differentiate between depression and bipolar disorder

The Synlab medical biology laboratories, in partnership with Alcediag, launch blood test to distinguish unipolar and bipolar depression. Based on next generation sequencing (NGS) of RNA in the blood, coupled with an algorithm based on artificial intelligence, it can drastically reduce the time it takes to diagnose bipolar disorders: from 8 years on average to […]

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If you recognize yourself in 3 of these situations, you should take care of your mental health

By Aglaé Cuypers Published on 03/21/2024 at 5:15 p.m. The state of our mental health must be given special attention throughout our lives. MarsBars/Getty Images Our mental health fluctuates throughout life and it is perfectly normal to feel low morale. When should we be concerned? A neuropsychologist responds. Fatigue, irritability, self-sabotage… So many signals that […]

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Mental suffering at work: women affected twice as often

According to a Public Health France survey, the prevalence of work-related psychological suffering (SPLT) doubled between 2007 and 2019. In 2019, 5.9% of women and 2.7% of men. Work-related psychological suffering (SPLT) constitutes an important public health issue, for its consequences on the quality of life of workers and its economic cost. Preventive measures are […]

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