Psychological stress at work not only harms those affected, it also leads to

Effectiveness control as the key to effective health management in companies. Companies can use the risk assessment of psychological stress to identify working conditions that make people unwell and mitigate them with suitable measures. “The risk assessment of psychological stress initiates a process of change: after the analysis and appropriate measures, the effectiveness control follows […]

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Gender change as a false solution to psychological problems

When children and young people feel unwell during puberty, the solution in more and more cases is sex reassignment. However, the problem for many young people is not that they were born in the wrong body – but that they have psychological problems. This was the case, for example, with 17-year-old Katherine from Scotland, as […]

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Psychological problems in football: When fear plays a role – football

Lina Bürger, ex-professional footballer and Hoffenheim sports psychologist, found out in a study: In winter, at the beginning of the second half of the season, players feel worse psychologically. Lina Bürger was 11 when national soccer player Sebastian Deisler ended his career at the beginning of 2007 due to psychological problems. Almost three years later, […]

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Solutions to the psychological suffering of adolescents: “adjust” and take the time

En five years, the mental health of young people has deteriorated considerably. This is the observation drawn up in April by Public Health France after a study of 9,300 high school students.·born and middle school·nes. A quarter of high school students·nes questioned·They indicate having had suicidal thoughts during the last twelve months, which concern many […]

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Many people find loneliness a psychological burden

October 10, 2023, 5:00 a.m More than a quarter of MDRfragt participants who pay attention to their mental health find the feeling of loneliness to be a psychological burden. This is particularly the case among the youngest respondents. From the perspective of the survey participants, stress, fears and high pressure of expectations have the greatest […]

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“We have a pandemic of psychological stress”

Are there differences between girls and boys?Basically both genders are affected, but perhaps a few more girls. Above all, psychological stress manifests itself very differently in girls and boys: girls react more often with internalizing symptoms such as anxiety or eating disorders, while boys are more likely to show externalizing behavior, for example increased aggressiveness. […]

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