Pressure in professional football: “Many hide how they are feeling”

There is a lot of pressure on top athletes to perform. Some people cope well, others suffer, some become mentally ill. There were exciting insights at the TSG Hoffenheim business congress. “Yes, the Per”. Oliver Bierhoff has to smile when he talks about Per Mertesacker, the 2014 soccer world champion. “It happened with Per that […]

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With these care tips you can achieve a DIY manicure like a professional

When doing a manicure, caring for the cuticles is an absolute must, as is removing excess pieces of skin. But which cuticle remover is the best? And how do we care for the cuticles so that they look healthy? Why do you remove the cuticles? Cuticles protect the nails. It prevents germs from penetrating the […]

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Nutrition: Morning, lunch, evening – this is what a sports professional should have on their plate

FOCUS online The perfect breakfast: Professor explains what should be on your plate in the morning Home office, online meetings, convenience food and delivery services: especially in the last three years, our eating habits have changed fundamentally due to many circumstances. One topic that has not become less important is your own health. And in […]

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