20 Apr, 2024
With a view to the future reform of mental health care for the elderly, the Seniors Commission of the Mental Health Consultation Platform of the Province of Luxembourg conducted a…
the essential After the largest cheese platter at the Grands Buffets, the young man wants to add a title to the Guinness Book for Narbonne. The logistics aren’t quite in…
Personalized nutrition has gained a huge amount of attention in recent years and has already proven to be hugely profitable for companies providing it as a service. In fact business…
This Thursday, April 18, Amélie OUDEA-CASTERA, Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and Marina FERRARI, Secretary of State in charge of Digital, brought together players from the…

Paris Territorial Mental Health Contract: 20 priority actions to meet the needs of the population

It was signed by Sophie Martinon (deputy general director of ARS Île-de-France), Anne-Claire Boux, (deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of issues relating to public health and relations with the APHP , environmental health, the fight against pollution and risk reduction) and local stakeholders particularly involved in the implementation of contractual actions. CTSM 75 formalizes […]

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26 billion pieces of personal data circulate on the web

Published on January 24, 2024 Vincent Paquette Researcher Bob Dyachenko and the Cybernews site noted the existence of a 12 terabyte document containing more than 26 billion personal files currently circulating on the web. These files contain the personal information of millions of users of popular platforms such as X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Deezer, Adobe and […]

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Mental health: the Normandy Regional Health Agency and the 7 territorial mental health projects present the progress of their work during a regional conference

Mental health is more than ever a public health priority, such is the difficult situation of people living with mental disorders. The demand for care is constantly increasing, particularly for anxiety-depressive disorders, psychotrauma, behavioral disorders and addictions. Normandy is no exception to this observation with a higher number of visits for mental disorders to adult […]

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Basic Fit, Keep Cool, Fitness Park… the 8 things to check before joining a gym

the essential Want to lose weight, build muscle or get active? Exercising is a good resolution that often comes up at the start of the year. In winter, the gym can be a good solution. Follow the leader ! It’s decided: this year you’re going back to sport. Whatever your goal – lose weight, build […]

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price and mutual reimbursement Aide-Sociale.fr

By Charlotte Beydon / Updated January 12, 2024 Have you heard of etiopathy, this manual therapy that has been very popular in recent years which claims to treat the causes of diseases? But what is the price of an etiopath? And what is its support? Reimbursement of alternative medicines is generally done by mutual insurance […]

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What support ? Aide-Sociale.fr

By Sandra Jacques / Updated January 12, 2024 Faced with certain ailments or out of a desire to favor alternative therapeutic approaches, more and more people these days are doing call for unconventional medicines also called alternative medicines. With nearly 3,000 acupuncturist doctors in France, acupuncture today occupies a special place in our territory. Acupuncture […]

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what is it for and how much does it cost? Aide-Sociale.fr

By Frederique / Updated December 29, 2023 Since 2016, all companies have been required to offer complementary health insurance to their employees. If they feel that they are not sufficiently covered, they can take out additional health insurance. This coverage reinforces reimbursements from the CPAM and their traditional mutual insurance contract. This is therefore a […]

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you are more of a victim of cognitive biases if you believe in them!

According to a recent study, there is a correlation between belief in alternative medicine and being susceptible to causal delusions. Health is a subject that concerns us all. This is an area where most people rely on their personal experience or that of their friends to know whether a treatment is effective or not. However, […]

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