Your training works just as well at home
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Your training works just as well at home

You don’t necessarily have to leave the house to exercise. You can also do your endurance training at home – in the online gym, without any equipment. We reveal what beginners need to know about endurance exercises in the living room at home.

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What is an online gym?

Internet gyms offer special programs for those who want to exercise and who would prefer to do their training in their own four walls. The offers vary from provider to provider. In many online fitness studios you can not only choose between a variety of courses, but also choose from a personal one Coach get support. He will develop a suitable one for you Fitness training plan and monitors whether you actually complete your endurance training at home. A special fitness nutrition plan completes the offer.

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Most online offers not only provide appropriate courses and training plans, but also give tips for a healthy diet - recipes included.
Most online offers not only provide appropriate courses and training plans, but also give tips for a healthy diet – recipes included.© Syda Productions – Fotolia

Endurance training at home: advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the online gym are obvious: you can train without being tied to time or location. Parents Young children have the opportunity to use free minutes to do something good for their bodies. But also Frequent travelers or working people those with unusual working hours don’t have to miss out on their workout. The fact that you don’t have to travel long distances and can train alone is convenient for many people these days.

Additionally, compared to gym memberships or purchasing expensive exercise equipment, cardio training at home is very expensive cost-effective. All you need is comfortable workout clothes and a reliable one Internet connection. Online platforms offer a wide range of workouts that various endurance exercises without the use of devices. From running and dance workouts to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), there is a program to suit every taste.

However, endurance training at home also has disadvantages: Since there is no trainer present, no one can correct you during the exercises, which increases the risk of Sports injuries can rise. Therefore, it is recommended that you only use the offer if you already Experience with fitness training and have already mastered typical movement sequences.

When you do endurance training at home via the internet gym, you have flexible time and still receive professional coaching.
When you do endurance training at home via the internet gym, you have flexible time and still receive professional coaching.© Nina Lawrenson/ – adobe.stock

Endurance training at home: costs

The fact is: online instructions for endurance training at home are not free. Depending on the duration, sport and scope of services, the costs can range between four and 30 euros per month. When it comes to training plans, a distinction is often made between men and women, exercises with and without equipment. Because it makes a difference whether you have your own ergometer for endurance training at home or not. In addition, they are often Nutrition guides and recipe suggestions included in the price.

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This is how you can improve your condition

Tips for effective endurance training at home

1. Choose the right workouts: Depending on your fitness level and personal preferences, you can choose between different types of endurance exercises. Choose workouts that suit you and motivate you.

2. Set up a fixed training area: Create a dedicated space for your workout. This can be a small area in the living room or even your balcony in summer. A fixed training location creates a positive association with training.

3. Set realistic goals: Set clear and achievable goals for your endurance training. This could be, for example, a certain number of training sessions per week or a gradual increase in training intensity.

4. Vary your workouts: To avoid boredom and target different muscle groups, it’s important to vary your workouts. Combine cardio workouts with strength exercises for optimal results.

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Popular online platforms for endurance training

YouTube: The platform offers a wealth of free endurance workouts from professional trainers. From beginner to advanced workouts, everything is included. Some trainers also offer a detailed, paid fitness program.

Fitness apps and online gyms: There are numerous online gyms that are specifically designed for endurance training without equipment. Most are available both on the web and as an app.

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Example exercises for an effective cardio home workout

A cardio home workout can be done without expensive equipment and still heart rate increase, burn calories and improve endurance. Here are some sample exercises you can incorporate into your workout:

Jumping Jacks: Start with the classic cardio exercise – the jumping jacks. By simultaneously raising and lowering your arms and legs, you burn calories and activate different muscle groups.

High knees: Run in place and alternately lift your knees as high as possible. This exercise not only promotes endurance, but also trains the abdominal muscles.

Burpees: This intense, full-body exercise combines push-ups, jumps, and squats. It is ideal for increasing your heart rate and strengthening muscles.

Mountain Climbers: Get into the push-up position and alternately bring your knees towards your chest. This exercise challenges the entire body and improves coordination.

Squat jumps: Perform a normal squat and then explosively jump up. This exercise strengthens the leg muscles and gets the circulation going.

Box jumps: Use a stable surface, such as a low bench or step, and jump onto it, followed by a controlled descent. Box jumps improve jumping power and intensively activate the leg muscles.

Think about a short one before training Warm-up phase, and a cool-down phase and sufficient stretching after the workout. Adjust the intensity of the exercises to your fitness level and gradually increase them to achieve continuous progress. With these simple but effective cardio exercises, you can create a challenging home workout that will help you achieve your Endurance to increase and stay fit.

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