Weight loss stagnation: This helps | MEN’S HEALTH

When losing weight, you often reach a point where the scales just can’t go any further: the so-called plateau effect sets in. But you’re doing everything right, avoiding carbohydrates and staying in a calorie deficit? When you’re not losing weight, your motivation usually drops too, you suffer from cravings more and more often and are […]

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Lack of weight loss success despite a strict diet and regular exercise? That’s why you’re not losing weight

If a diet has failed several times, you may well be asking yourself: Why am I not losing weight? There can be many reasons for this. Here you can find out what is behind it and how you can still successfully lose weight. Why am I not losing weight? Health expert Vanessa Blumhagen explains in […]

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Intermittent fasting: This is how healthy weight loss works | NDR.de – Guide

As of: April 17, 2024 1:40 p.m | from the Norddeutscher Rundfunk logo Losing weight and keeping it off – intermittent fasting is supposed to make this easier. Longer breaks are taken between meals. How do the 16:8, 5:2 and 1:1 methods differ and who are they suitable for? Intermittent fasting is the most important […]

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