Molecular analysis for ovarian cancer detection in patient-friendly samples

Study population This study prospectively included patients with a highly suspicious ovarian mass according to current triage methods (>40% risk of malignancy using the IOTA adnex model)29.30. Paired samples (ie, urine, cervicovaginal self-samples, and clinician-taken cervical scrapes) were consecutively collected within the SOLUTION1 study, between July 2018 and September 2022, at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek […]

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AI in personalized medicine: Better risk detection, prevention and treatment of carotid stenosis | TAXINOMISIS Project | Results in brief | H2020 | CORDIS

By using artificial intelligence (AI), researchers have developed a novel disease mechanism-based stratification for people with carotid stenosis, enabling tailored therapeutic interventions. Health © TAXINOMISIS Carotid stenosis is caused by the narrowing or blockage of the carotid artery due to plaque buildup (atherosclerosis). Current screening for asymptomatic carotid stenosis, stroke prevention and disease management are […]

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