High functioning depression |  Depressive, but (highly) functional?
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High functioning depression | Depressive, but (highly) functional?

The DD Judith Joseph works in Manhattan, the economic heart of New York. Among his patients, many are very successful professionally… while presenting depressive symptoms. These patients identify their discomfort with a specific condition: high-functioning depression (high-functioning depression).

You don’t know this term? It’s normal. This condition is not recognized by the World Health Organization nor by the DSM-5, the American manual which lists the main diagnostic categories of mental disorders. On the other hand, on the Internet, the concept has been gaining ground for five years. The suicide of former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, who according to those close to her suffered from “high-functioning depression”, helped to popularize the term in 2022.

The DD Judith Joseph, a psychiatrist, is very interested in this. She is recruiting patients to conduct a study on the subject – the first to address it, according to her. Very active on social networks, “Dr. Judith” also produces TikTok videos to publicize the signs that she attributes to high-functioning depression. One of his videos garnered 5 million views. We see him drinking coffee in the morning instead of breakfast, eating in front of his computer, scrolling through social media posts in bed…

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