25 years of op-online-Celebrates our anniversary today with Fitness Park
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25 years of op-online-Celebrates our anniversary today with Fitness Park

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25 years of op-online.de – a milestone that we would like to celebrate with you!
25 years of op-online.de – Fitness Park © (Montage op-online.de)

25 years of op-online.de and we are celebrating together with well-known partners from the region. Today we are giving away the prize with Fitness Park among all participants.

In our anniversary month of May, a prize for the 25th anniversary of op-online.de will be published on individual days and you will have the chance to win attractive prizes. Great shopping vouchers from well-known partners from Offenbach and the region await you. Simply click on “Participate now” and fill out the form and answer the winning question. The winner will be drawn from among all the correct answers and will be notified by email three days later and announced on our special anniversary page.

Your win today: A 3-month membership in the Fitness Park

Thomas Eisenacher and Leonard Ruben at the reception area of ​​the F9 fitness studio.
Thomas Eisenacher and Leonard Ruben at the reception area of ​​the F9 fitness studio. © Peter Back

Are you a fitness fan, want to get fit, live healthier or just work on your bikini figure? Then today’s prize is just right for you: op-online.de, together with the Fitness Park in Offenbach, is giving away a full membership for 3 months. You get access to all modern fitness equipment in a studio area of ​​2,000 square meters, the cardio and free weights area, as well as an extensive range of courses (e.g. “Belly Killer”, Pilates, yoga, spinning and much more). Of course, instruction and support from certified trainers are also part of the membership.

Our partner today: Premium studio in the heart of Offenbach – Fitness Park

Two men have the same goal at the F9 Fitness Park Offenbach. This is not always a given when two competent professionals head a company. However, Thomas Eisenacher and Leonard Ruben Meckmann complement each other in an almost congenial way and lead the F9 Fitness Park Offenbach studio to new horizons. Thomas Eisenacher founded the Fitness Park studio in 1988 and, after two stints in the city center, moved to the current location at Rowentastraße 9, which offers almost perfect conditions, around 15 years ago.

“The studio has grown organically over the years,” says Eisenacher. As co-managing director of the last owner-managed studio in Offenbach, he offers his customers the highest quality equipment from various manufacturers. These include covering machines and a multifunctional cable tower, which allows an almost unlimited number of exercises thanks to the ability to adjust numerous angles. The unique medical Milon circuit with a total of ten stations minimizes the error rate when performing the exercises. In addition, the circuit is structured in such a way that the body is trained in its entirety in a short period of time. By using small motors in the Milon devices, the movements can be dosed much better than with conventional devices. “In the Milon circuit, every active participant achieves optimal training results in a short amount of time. All major muscle groups and the cardiovascular system are trained in one session. At the same time, strength, endurance and mobility are increased and everyone takes big steps closer to their goal. For new customers, we optimally adjust the amplitude of movement so that unwanted hyperextension can be ruled out,” says co-managing director Leonard Ruben Meckmann. Together with Eisenacher and the entire team of trainers, he regularly adapts the machines to the individual requirements of the customers in Offenbach’s last remaining private studio. “We offer top equipment from renowned manufacturers such as the German company Schnell-Fitnessgeräte,” says Meckmann, who spent some time training on similar equipment at the handball Olympic base. Italian Panatta devices are characterized not only by their great biomechanics, but also by their outstanding design, which comes from the designer who also styles the Ferrari and Maserati interiors. Models from respected manufacturers Life Fitness and Hammer Strength round off the offering. “We are passionate about the sport, put our heart and soul into it and therefore take great pleasure in offering the best equipment,” says Eisenacher. The entrance area is already inviting thanks to its open design. The subsequent sports area starts with the circuit equipment and the quieter machines. The course room in the rear area is insulated and its noise insulation allows the offer to be shown to its best advantage. The insulated boxing room is adjacent and guarantees that anyone interested can train undisturbed and optimally in their comfort zone. The sauna is equipped with underfloor heating throughout. A roof terrace where courses take place in summer and sufficient parking spaces are further advantages of the F9 Fitness Park Offenbach.

Originally coming from competitive handball sports, Leonard Ruben Meckmann was enrolled at the Carl von Weinberg sports boarding school in Frankfurt until an injury at the age of 14 paved the way for him to take up strength training. From then on, boxing was his hobby, before he came to American football by chance at the age of 18. He played in the youth league in Wiesbaden, spent a short time in college in the USA and then worked as a professional for the Frankfurt Galaxy for a year. The annual internship required for his parallel high school diploma brought him to the F9 Fitness Park the year before last. Managing director Eisenacher quickly recognized the potential that Meckmann had and promoted him. “The old hand with all his experience combined with the innovative youngster make an unbeatable team,” says Eisenacher with a wink. Significantly expanded opening times, an interior design that takes almost all of the customers’ needs into account and the noticeable improvement in member support through the increased presence of trainers in the training area are the first measurable improvements since Meckmann joined the management. And this is just the beginning of a glorious development, they are both sure.

The Fitness Park F9 studio at Rowentastraße 9 in Offenbach is open Monday to Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Telephone: 069 818424

Fitness Park Offenbach: Your path to a healthy and active lifestyle

At Fitness Park Offenbach we attach great importance to a holistic concept for your health. In addition to the fitness studio, we also offer you a wide range of wellness and relaxation options. Relax in our sauna or treat yourself to a break in the relaxation room. Your well-being is our focus.

Convince yourself of our fitness studio and visit our website. Here you will find further information about our offers, opening times and prices. Take the opportunity to start your path to a healthier lifestyle and become part of the Fitness Park Offenbach community. Don’t miss the chance to make positive changes in your life! Visit the Fitness Park Offenbach today and start your fitness adventure. Our team looks forward to accompanying you on your journey and helping you achieve your goals.

How can you take part in our anniversary competition from op-online.de?
During our anniversary month of May, you can take part in our anniversary competition on individual days by filling out the form below and correctly answering the winning question about your daily partner. The answer to the question can usually be found in the text of the respective sponsor or on their partner website. With a bit of luck, you will be chosen as the winner and can look forward to the daily prize. Participation is possible on the respective calendar day and the two following days. Each participant is entitled to take part once per day and legal action is excluded.

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