Anastasia Kirjanow from ZHP-Pflege: Applying for a care level – why the report …
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Anastasia Kirjanow from ZHP-Pflege: Applying for a care level – why the report …

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Many seniors feel left alone when applying for nursing care. This often results in classifications that do not do justice to the situation of those in need of care. Anastasia Kirjanow supports older people with her outpatient care service ZHP Pflege in all aspects from the application to the review of the decision. In this article you will find out which steps are necessary for applying for a nursing degree, why Anastasia Kirjanow goes through assessments of the medical service with her customers and where the difficulties lie during the assessment for seniors.

Illnesses, impairments or limitations that come with old age – there are many reasons why people need care. The condition often worsens gradually, which is why some affected people or their relatives overlook the fact that they could apply for classification into a care level. But even if people in need of care want to take advantage of the benefits of long-term care insurance, they find that the application is not easy. A complex process must be completed with applications, self-assessments and an assessment before it is finally clarified whether the person concerned will receive support. “People who are entitled to a level of care are limited in their ability to cope with everyday life – physically or psychologically. The multi-stage process for applying for supportive services therefore poses challenges for many,” explains Anastasia Kirjanow from ZHP-Pflege.

“The problem here is that the classification is ultimately based mainly on the assessment that is carried out on site. When those affected then give false information about their condition – perhaps because they have become so used to their limitations, but often also out of shame – they don’t get the help they actually need,” explains the owner of the outpatient care service ZHP-Pflege. With her team, she supports seniors in the Kruft and Kobern-Gondorf region with everyday tasks such as shopping, personal care or household chores. In addition, she also supports those affected and their relatives when applying for classification into a care level. The entrepreneur is increasingly relying on digitalization in her work. This means she can provide support during the graduation process exclusively online and thus offer this service regardless of location. The process always follows the same pattern both on site and digitally.

Process of applying for a nursing degree

A level of care enables support measures for people who can no longer manage their everyday lives on their own. Depending on the severity of the impairment, different amounts are available for receiving benefits: These can be used in the form of care allowance (for self-care) or in the form of care benefits in kind (for professional care). In addition, after successful classification, you can apply for remedies and aids through your health insurance company to make everyday life easier.

Applying for a nursing degree involves several steps. First, an application must be submitted to the health insurance company. In the second step, you provide self-disclosure about your own health using a questionnaire. A form is required for this: The health insurance company checks the statements and then informs the medical service. This person will contact the applicant and usually request further self-disclosure in order to be able to form their own opinion. If the criteria are met, a personal assessment is carried out by a trained medical service employee. On the basis of this, a report is then written, which is decisive for the classification. Finally, after a few weeks, the applicant receives a decision against which he can appeal if necessary.

The role of the report

Those affected usually have to wait a while for an appointment for the assessment. This is because the health insurance companies’ medical services are very busy – be it due to the high level of bureaucracy, limited human resources or the time-consuming processing of applications. When the time comes, a conversation will take place between the medical service employee and the applicant. This often leads to problems: Because the reviewers do not always explain in sufficient detail what they want to know, misunderstandings sometimes arise that can have a significant impact on the classification. The applicant’s answers that are not precise can also have a negative impact on the result of the report. It is therefore important that the final decision is read carefully. If facts are presented incorrectly here, those affected should definitely file an objection and demand a correction.

Support options through the outpatient care service ZHP-Pflege

With her outpatient nursing service ZHP-Pflege, Anastasia Kirjanow offers a number of services relating to the nursing degree application. The most comprehensive service is graduation management, where she accompanies the entire application process. As part of this, she and her employees also carry out test assessments so that applicants can prepare for the unfamiliar situation. In this context, she also explains the background and meaning of the various questions that experts ask. The big advantage: Anastasia Kirjanow offers advice and support both on site and now flexibly and independently of location via video conference. In this way, the expert also offers those affected outside of their catchment area the chance to receive professional advice and support.

If requested, the expert will also analyze the final decision and, if necessary, help formulate an objection. Overall, their goal is to enable their customers to be as independent as possible. That’s why it first presents its services in detail, and only then do the applicants or their relatives decide which of them they would like to use.

Is your everyday life becoming increasingly difficult and are you no longer able to carry out basic tasks and activities independently? Are you worried about the condition of a relative because you fear that their everyday skills will be limited? Contact Anastasia Kirjanow now and arrange a non-binding conversation!

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