20 Apr, 2024

“Everyone had to drink their urine”: shamanism, alternative medicines… the worrying sectarian drift

Shamanism, naturopathy, kinesiology, reflexology, homeopathy, balancing with crystals, quest for the sacred feminine… So-called “New Age” alternative medicines have once again taken center stage since the Covid crisis. If these alternative therapies are Praised by their followers, they nevertheless carry excesses, particularly sectarian ones. The medical profession is particularly concerned about a resurgence of “guru […]

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Are medicinal mushrooms really good for your health?

According to Heather Hallen-Adams, assistant professor of food science and technology at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, laboratory studies are very controlled compared to human clinical trials and the results are not necessarily applicable in practice. She adds that although a growing body of research highlights the potential anti-tumor properties of compounds from shiitake, […]

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What support ? Aide-Sociale.fr

By Sandra Jacques / Updated January 12, 2024 Faced with certain ailments or out of a desire to favor alternative therapeutic approaches, more and more people these days are doing call for unconventional medicines also called alternative medicines. With nearly 3,000 acupuncturist doctors in France, acupuncture today occupies a special place in our territory. Acupuncture […]

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price and mutual reimbursement Aide-Sociale.fr

By Charlotte Beydon / Updated January 12, 2024 Have you heard of etiopathy, this manual therapy that has been very popular in recent years which claims to treat the causes of diseases? But what is the price of an etiopath? And what is its support? Reimbursement of alternative medicines is generally done by mutual insurance […]

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what is it for and how much does it cost? Aide-Sociale.fr

By Frederique / Updated December 29, 2023 Since 2016, all companies have been required to offer complementary health insurance to their employees. If they feel that they are not sufficiently covered, they can take out additional health insurance. This coverage reinforces reimbursements from the CPAM and their traditional mutual insurance contract. This is therefore a […]

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you are more of a victim of cognitive biases if you believe in them!

According to a recent study, there is a correlation between belief in alternative medicine and being susceptible to causal delusions. Health is a subject that concerns us all. This is an area where most people rely on their personal experience or that of their friends to know whether a treatment is effective or not. However, […]

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Could the future anti-sectarian aberrations law muzzle scientific debate and the freedoms of patients and doctors?

On December 19, a text of law aimed at “ strengthen the fight against sectarian aberrations » was discussed in the National Assembly. Very oriented around health, the latter proposes to penalize provocation to abandon care, and to facilitate disciplinary sanctions for professionals. In a global context of tension around complementary and natural therapies, this […]

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A plant, therapies

SUMMARY What is herbal medicine? What is aromatherapy? What is gemmotherapy? What is hydrolatherapy? What are Bach flowers? What is homeopathy? Who can prescribe plants for me? Our expert What is herbal medicine? Known since Antiquity, it offers different therapies exploiting the properties of medicinal plants whose powerful active ingredients act on inconveniences as diverse […]

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