20 Apr, 2024

Homeopathy: preferred homeopathic treatments for stress

Natural alternative medicine, homeopathy can be effective against stress. Placebo effect or not, it in any case has the advantage of being applicable to everyone, at all ages and without risk. So there’s no harm in trying it to relax… The founding father of homeopathy is a German, the doctor Samuel Hahnemann. Quickly disappointed by […]

6 mins read

Homeopathy, hypnosis, osteo…: what alternative medicine for my baby?

For our children, we may be tempted to avoid over-medication by treating minor everyday ailments with plants, massages… or even hypnosis! Be careful though to always consult your pediatrician or doctor before acting on your own initiative and seeking advice from specialists, particularly regarding the minimum age to respect. So there is no question of […]

8 mins read