I lost 20 kilos with these protein recipes

Bethany Dobson creates low-calorie, high-protein meals.Georgie Glass Bethany Dobson lost 20 kilos after focusing on diet and strength training. Dobson’s new understanding of calories and protein helped her prepare new versions of her favorite foods. She shared her pizza, cheeseburger and brownie recipes with Business Insider. This is a machine translation of an article […]

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“With a little help, everyone can get ahead here. No one is lost.” Expanding mental health and psychosocial care for Armenian refugees

The grueling journey from Karabakh to Armenia has put over 100,000 refugees to the test, leaving many in urgent need of psychological support. A WHO team spoke to refugees who recently arrived at a temporary shelter. In individual voices, they tell a common story: “We will never forget this terrible trip to Armenia. This experience […]

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