SPVIE: opinion on alternative medicine
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SPVIE: opinion on alternative medicine

What is alternative medicine?

Alternative or alternative medicine encompasses numerous practices, some of them ancestral, which have the common point of not using any medication or chemical molecule. However, they each have their own characteristics and philosophies.

Generally, this alternative medicine, which some also call integrative, is used in a complementary manner to “conventional” medicine with the aim of improving health and well-being. It is based above all on stimulating the body’s ability to balance itself through energetic alignment which can be found through manipulations or even through plant-based supplementation, for example.

Alternative medicine, long considered marginal in the West, is now recognized for its many benefits. In the opinion of SPVIE Assurances, more and more people are turning to this approach, in particular to reduce their consumption of pharmaceutical products (now feared for their side effects).

It can be used to treat/relieve/prevent various ailments and/or dysfunctions, such as stress, joint diseases, sleep, weight, ENT infections, digestive or gynecological disorders, diabetes, depression, etc. Its scope of action is particularly vast!

Who can practice natural medicine in France?

Today, it is far from rare to see a health professional combining classical medicine and an alternative medicine specialty on their plate.

However, it must be remembered that the practice of medicine in France is only reserved for doctors registered with the Council of the Order of Physicians, at the risk of being exposed to heavy sanctions (fines and imprisonment).

There are several organizations that offer training to practice alternative medicine, such as the French School of Alternative Medicine or the French Institute of Human Sciences. In addition, the European Parliament is working more and more on alternative medicine in order to harmonize approaches.

What are the main alternative medicines?

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists no less than 400 alternative medicine practices! Among the most popular, we find in particular:

acupuncture, which involves the use of very fine needles on specific points on the body;

auriculotherapy, where the ears are connected to specific points on the body and are therefore stimulated by needles or an electrical simulator;

chiropractic, with manipulations to release tension and nerves in order to restore the body’s physiological balance;

homeopathy, which is based on the principle of similarity, namely treating with what is similar to the disease;

naturopathy, which is considered by the WHO as the third traditional medicine in the world and defined as a “ set of treatment methods aimed at strengthening the body’s defenses by means considered natural and organic » ;

osteopathy, through manipulations and mobilizations to prevent and/or remedy bodily dysfunctions;

phytotherapy, which uses plants for therapeutic purposes (infusion, maceration, etc.);

plantar reflexology, which stimulates a specific point on the feet to generate a nerve impulse to the spinal cord which is transmitted by reflex to the organ concerned;

sophrology, a relaxation method which aims to transform anxieties or fears into positive thoughts through image visualization and breathing.

There are many other alternative medicines in the world, such as:






Tai chi;


SPVIE’s opinion on the reimbursement of alternative medicine

You should know that Health Insurance only reimburses certain alternative medicine disciplines, on the sole condition that they are practiced by an approved doctor.

However, in view of the numerous benefits of these alternative approaches, many complementary insurance companies today include reimbursements in their contracts, such as SPVIE Assurances which provides, depending on the contracts, reimbursements for acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy or even chiropractic.

Indeed, SPVIE’s opinion on the subject is to offer different formulas for more flexibility that can be adjusted according to your personal needs or those of your family. Alternative medicines are often used for prevention and it would therefore be harmful to exclude them completely from guarantees. This is why SPVIE Assurances offers certain levels of guarantee including alternative medicine procedures since social security does not reimburse them.


SPVIE Assurances was born from the meeting in 2010 of two insurance experts, namely Jérémy Sebag (its President) and Cédric Pironneau (its Managing Director).

Faced with changes in markets, regulations and also consumer expectations, the two men quickly decided to imagine a new generation insurance company. As both an insurance broker and wholesaler, SPVIE Assurances’ primary objective is to offer insurance products adapted to everyone’s needs, at 360°. Because the group operates across the entire value chain by designing, managing and distributing health, protection, damage and property and casualty products, whether for individuals, professionals, self-employed people, business leaders or for companies.

Success is there. SPVIE Assurances joined the Top 20 French wholesale brokers in 2015 and even became the 15th French wholesale broker in 2017. The group raises funds in 2019 and continues its external growth while remaining an independent group.

Today recognized for its expertise, SPVIE Assurances is the only player in the market to centralize its services. Its strong sense of innovation, its responsibility and its creativity, values ​​at the heart of its DNA, contribute to its evolution as well as the quality of its guarantees and services.

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