Misconception 1: If you have high cholesterol, you shouldn’t eat fat or eggs Fortunately, this is not true. There are even fatty foods like nuts that can help lower cholesterol…
Berlin. With the right diet you can “pep up your skin,” says nutritionist Dr. Riedl. The key: an anti-inflammatory diet. Beauty comes from within – this saying can be taken…
Berlin. Premature skin aging can be caused by poor nutrition. Many foods – even fruit – can promote the formation of wrinkles. Everyone knows that it is not healthy to…
Hula hoop for men? Not a bad idea!PR/Business Insider Hula hoop is not only a nostalgic children’s toy, but also an effective fitness device that trains numerous muscles. Men can…
Mary Braun now inspires almost 600,000 followers with her workouts on YouTube. As a fitness influencer, model and yoga specialist, our cover girl is an expert when it comes to…

Intermittent fasting: This is how healthy weight loss works | NDR.de – Guide

As of: April 17, 2024 1:40 p.m | from the Norddeutscher Rundfunk logo Losing weight and keeping it off – intermittent fasting is supposed to make this easier. Longer breaks are taken between meals. How do the 16:8, 5:2 and 1:1 methods differ and who are they suitable for? Intermittent fasting is the most important […]

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Nutrition in sedentary times: Interview with Lydia Wilkens

More and more people are not moving enough. Ecotrophologist Lydia Wilkens explains how the diet can best be adapted to this. On average, Germans sit for over nine hours per working day. This comes from the current report German health insurance out. When people move less, it can affect their health. Nutrition also plays a […]

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Mental health in journalism: working in a shark tank

Journalists help their colleagues on Netzwerk Recherche’s helpline, but this does not improve mental health in the workplace. AfD events like this can create great tension. Men in particular rarely talk about it Photo: Karsten Thielker Hello, this is the helpline. Nice that you called. What would you like to talk about? This is how […]

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Nutrition: What role does the time of day play when eating? | Guide | We in Bavaria | BR Television | Television

It was previously assumed that the time of day had no influence on metabolism and that it therefore made no difference when a calorie was consumed during the day. However, surveys of overweight subjects showed that weight control throughout the day was more larger breakfast easier and the feeling of fullness lasts longer throughout the […]

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Slow cardio and 12-3-30 workout – how healthy is the fitness trend?

Cologne/Miami. She actually didn’t like going to the gym, explains US influencer Lauren Giraldo in a YouTube video. The devices made her nervous, as did her own demands. But the 26-year-old with one million Instagram followers had an idea: slow down. Read more after Advertisement Read more after Advertisement In doing so, she “invented” a […]

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Saving the climate with nutrition – What consumers can do

Is the vegetable burger from the US manufacturer produced in a more environmentally friendly way than the chicken from the organic farm in the neighboring village? This is the question asked by many consumers who are ready to change their eating habits for the climate. Download Audio (26.3 MB | MP3) Demand: Halve meat consumption […]

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Life Fitness introduces Symbio™, its award-winning cardio product line with next-generation biomechanics to the international fitness world

ROSEMONT, IllinoisUNITED STATES, 10. April 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Life Fitness, the world’s leading provider of commercial fitness equipment, will showcase a new generation of innovations in cardio, strength training and digital products at FIBO Global Fitness 2024, the global fitness industry’s trade show, in Cologne, Germany, April 11-14. Life Fitness Symbio™ Products Life Fitness’ latest […]

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Dealing with those affected by one of the “biggest scandals in medicine”

Long Covid specialist and neuroscientist David Putrino is calling for more awareness of post-acute infection syndromes (PAIS) such as ME/CFS. These illnesses, which have increased sharply due to Corona, should under no circumstances be misinterpreted as “mental,” said the professor of rehabilitation at the Icahn School of Medicine (Mount Sinai/New York) in an APA interview. […]

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Here are 5 tips for daring to talk about your mental health with your doctor

Mental health is an essential component of health and represents much more than the absence of mental disorders or disabilities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is a “ state of well-being that enables everyone to realize their potential, to cope with the normal difficulties of life, to work successfully and productively, […]

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Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro in the test: The best fitness tracker with GPS

In addition to the normal Xiaomi Smart Band 8, the Chinese manufacturer is now also selling a Pro version of the popular fitness tracker, which not only has a larger screen, but also a more powerful battery and integrated GPS. Otherwise, the specifications of the two models are the same. We took a closer look […]

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