Mutual health insurance: what reimbursement for alternative medicines in 2023?
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Mutual health insurance: what reimbursement for alternative medicines in 2023?

Health is a major concern for each of us. This includes not only the prevention and treatment of diseases, but also the maintenance of general well-being. Therefore, more and more people are turning to Natural Healing to meet their health needs. But how are these alternative treatments reimbursed by Health Insurance and mutual health insurance in 2023?

What are alternative medicines?

Alternative medicines are alternative approaches to traditional medicine. They can be used alone or in combination with conventional treatments. The most common alternative medicines include:

  • L’acupuncture,
  • chiropractic,
  • osteopathy,
  • naturopathy,
  • L’homeopathy,
  • traditional Chinese medicine,
  • reflexology,
  • sophrology,
  • Ayurvedic medicine.

Why alternative medicine?

THE Natural Healing are often chosen for their global approach to health. Unlike conventional medicine, which often focuses on symptoms, alternative medicine considers the individual as a whole. They aim to treat the root cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms. In addition, alternative medicines are often considered to be less invasive and more environmentally friendly than allopathic Western medicine.

Who practices alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine is most often practiced by trained and accredited professionals. Apart from certain disciplines such as acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy or hypnosis where training is provided at university and in institutes approved by the State, other alternative medicines do not benefit from no legal or regulatory framework. In 2022, the practice of naturopathy was the subject of a scandal which resulted in its withdrawal from the Doctolib platform.

Professionals then organize themselves by creating ad hoc training and diplomas, without official recognition from the State. It is advisable to consult a therapist with serious training who is a member of a professional association.

What care is not reimbursed by Social Security?

Social Security reimburses a large part of medical costs, but there are care that is not covered. This may include alternative treatments such as Natural Healing, as well as certain aesthetic treatments or non-reimbursed medications. As a result, patients often have to pay these costs out of their own pocket or make sure their health insurance covers them.

Let us also add that any health expenditure outside the coordinated care pathway, that is to say not prescribed by the attending physician, gives rise to a lower reimbursementor even no health insurance coverage.

THE reimbursement of alternative medicine lack of clarity in France, mainly due to a regulatory defect for these alternative practices. As a general rule, alternative medicines do not benefit from any support by Amelibecause they are not not considered medical specialties. The only three exceptions are:

  • L’acupuncture : the session is reimbursed at 70% if carried out by an approved acupuncturist and on prescription from the doctor.
  • L’hypnosis : a refund is possible if the session is carried out by an approved doctor or hypnotherapist psychiatrist. The coverage rate is 70% of the applicable rate.
  • there sophrology as part of preparation for childbirth if the session is carried out by an approved midwife.

The mutual fund can reimburse the co-payment and excess fees.

Since 1er January 2021, homeopathic medicines and preparations are no longer covered by Social Security.

Which mutual insurance companies reimburse alternative medicine?

Many mutual health insurance offer reimbursements for alternative medicines. However, the amounts reimbursed can vary considerably depending on the mutual insurance company and the type of treatment. Some mutual insurance companies can reimburse up to 100% of costs incurred related to osteopathy, while others may only cover part of the costs.

It is therefore important to carefully check the refund conditions before choosing a mutual health. There alternative medicine service is often included in the prevention package and takes the form of a amount allocated to the year or a number of sessions per year with a price ceiling per session. In general, the average package oscillates between €150 and €300 per yearor even €400 for the most generous health supplements.

Check the general conditions of the contract for alternative medicines which actually benefit from coverage. If mesotherapy is not one of the reimbursed practices, you will not be entitled to any benefits from your mutual insurance company.

Like any mutual health insurance, complementary health insurance which partially or totally reimburses alternative medicines can be found using a mutual health comparator online, which allows you to compare offers from different insurance companies and select the one that best suits your needs.

It is also important to note that reimbursements for alternative medicine care are often subject to conditions, such as the need to have a prescriptionto consult a licensed healthcare professional or to be followed by a treating physician.

Some mutual health insurance companies are specifically designed for seniorsproviding additional coverage for alternative healthcare, including alternative medicine. There senior health insurance is adapted to the specific needs of older people, providing broader coverage and strengthening of certain guaranteessuch as hospitalization and community medicine guarantees (consultations, analyses, medical imaging, pharmacy), two essential positions as you get older.

Alternative medicine is one of the services popular with seniors as a preventative measure or to relieve common ailments such as osteoarthritis. Their coverage by the mutual insurance company is the assurance of do not give up additional care to allopathic medical treatment.

If you are not satisfied with your mutual health insurance, take advantage of the regulations which allow you to change your mutual health insurance contract at any time after one year of subscription. The comparison process allows you tosave up to €200 per year with similar guarantees.

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