Mary Braun shows her Victoria’s Secret workout
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Mary Braun shows her Victoria’s Secret workout

Mary Braun now inspires almost 600,000 followers with her workouts on YouTube. As a fitness influencer, model and yoga specialist, our cover girl is an expert when it comes to tough workouts for the whole body. So if your summer vacation is coming up soon and you want to do a little more training to achieve your feel-good figure for the beach, you’ve come to the right place.

In her Victoria’s Secret workout, the 25-year-old shows on the beach which exercises she uses to train her defined body. “With this 20-minute Victoria’s Secret full-body workout, you’ll get a firm butt and tone your upper body, including your abs,” she promises in the description of the video.

What’s special about her training session on the beach: Mary has integrated exercises into her Victoria’s Secret workout that models do before a show for the famous underwear brand. You can see that her workouts keep their promises when you take a look at Mary Braun’s well-trained body, which she often shows off to her fans not only on YouTube but also on Instagram:

This is how Mary Braun’s Victoria’s Secret workout works

Mary Braun’s workout consists of 16 different exercises that you do one after the other for 30-60 seconds each. There is a short break towards the end. First, the upper body, especially the stomach, is trained, then Mary shows her power exercises for the legs and bottom.

You’ll quickly notice that this workout really burns your muscles. Her fans also noticed this in the comments: “Great workout, Mary! Your energy and expertise always inspire me to work harder and pursue my fitness goals,” one user describes the training session. Another commented: “I’m literally in love with this workout! I’ve only done it once and my body is already burning! I really recommend it!”

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These are Mary’s power exercises for the beach body

You can see the exact sequence of the training session in the video. We explain which exercises the workout includes and how to do them correctly. You don’t need any equipment other than a yoga mat. So put on your sports clothes, get on the mat and you’re ready to go!

1. Sitting Crunch (30 seconds)

Sit upright on a mat. Your legs are bent and your feet are flat on the floor. Place your hands on the mat behind your bottom and lean your back down towards the mat until it almost touches it. At the same time, stretch your legs straight out in front of you. Use the tension in your abdominal muscles to then bend your knees again and move your upper body up again until your chest almost touches your knees.

2. Crunches (1 minute)

Position yourself on your back on your mat and bend your knees. The soles of your feet are on the mat and your legs are bent. Place your fingertips on your temples so that your elbows point outwards. Now lift your shoulders and upper back off the floor by tensing your abdominal muscles. Hold this position briefly and then lower yourself back onto the mat.

3. Leg Crunch Variation Right (1 Minute)

Perform the same crunch movement with your upper body as described above. However, your right leg is stretched out in the air above the mat. While you are crunching, raise your leg up so that it forms a 90-degree angle to your upper body. With every other crunch, stretch your arms forward while your head is up and clap your hands once behind your stretched leg.

4. Pistol Crunch Right (1 minute)

Continue to lie on your back on the yoga mat. The left leg remains bent on the floor, the right is stretched out straight in front of you and is above the floor. Clasp your hands in front of your body in a pistol shape and stretch your arms out to the side of your right leg while you lift it up. Lift your upper body slightly off the mat, as if your arms were pulling you forward. Then return to the starting position.

Now perform the leg crunch variation and the pistol crunches on the left side.

5. Slow Leg Press (30 seconds)

Stay on your back, lift your head and shoulders off the floor, and place your arms on the floor at your sides. Keep your legs stretched out in front of your body above the floor. Now alternately pull one leg towards your chest and stretch it straight out again before performing the same movement with the other leg.

6. High Bridge (1 minute)

Sit on the yoga mat and support your hands at your sides. Your back is straight and your knees are bent. Your feet are placed flat on the mat, about hip-width apart. Now slowly lift your pelvis and lower back until your thighs and upper body form a straight line, a bridge so to speak. Then return to the starting position, but without putting your bottom on the mat.

7. Pulses (1 minute)

Stay in the raised bridge position, maintain the tension and perform small, pulsating up and down movements with your pelvis.

8. Glute Bridge (1 minute)

Lay your back on the training mat, keep your knees bent and your arms relaxed at your sides. Press your heels into the mat and slowly lift your pelvis by tensing your bottom and core. Lift until your hips, knees and shoulders form a straight line. Your neck and head remain flat on the mat. Then lower your pelvis back down to the starting position, but without relaxing your muscles.

9. Left and Right Leg Bridge (30 seconds each side)

Perform the same exercise as described above, except that your left leg remains bent in the air throughout the exercise. After 30 seconds, switch sides so that your right leg is off the ground.

10. Wide Glute Bridge (1 minute)

Perform the glute bridge again, only this time place your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, with your toes pointing outward.

11. Left Leg Lift + Kick (1 minute)

Lie on your right side with your left leg stretched out straight above and your right leg slightly bent underneath. Now lift your left leg in a controlled manner as high as is comfortable without twisting your hip area. Then lower your leg again and make a forward kicking movement with it, keeping your leg stretched out straight. Then return to the starting position and repeat the process.

12. Left Leg Curls Backward (30 seconds)

Continue to hold your left leg straight up and draw small circles in the air with it. Perform the circular movement backwards here.

13. Left Leg Curls Forward (30 seconds)

Repeat the previous exercise, only this time circle your left leg forward.

Then perform the last 3 exercises on the right side.

14. Donkey + Straight Kick Right (1 minute)

Get into a quadruped position, place your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips, keeping your back straight. Lift your right bent leg up, with your foot pointing towards the ceiling, as if you wanted to kick the ceiling. Then return to the starting position and perform the same movement with your leg stretched out straight. Repeat this exercise.

15. Frog Kick Right (1 minute)

Stay in the quadruped position. Keep your right leg bent at a 90-degree angle again and lift it to the side so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. Then lower your leg back to the starting position.

Repeat the last two exercises on the left side. Now take a short, well-deserved break for 30 seconds before using the rest of your strength to do the last exercise!

16. Single Leg Lifts (30 seconds)

Lie flat on your stomach on the yoga mat with your legs stretched straight behind you. Now lift one leg after the other off the floor, alternately, before lowering it back to the floor.


Now you’ve almost done it. Finally, hold both legs in the previous position and lift them up in the air for a moment and feel the burning in your bottom before you can finally relax.

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