Homeopathy: preferred homeopathic treatments for stress
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Homeopathy: preferred homeopathic treatments for stress

Natural alternative medicine, homeopathy can be effective against stress. Placebo effect or not, it in any case has the advantage of being applicable to everyone, at all ages and without risk. So there’s no harm in trying it to relax…

The founding father of homeopathy is a German, the doctor Samuel Hahnemann. Quickly disappointed by the medical practice of his time, which he considered ineffective, brutal and dangerous, rebelling against the use of highly toxic drugs such as mercury or the prescription of purges and bloodletting, he temporarily abandoned medicine to devote himself to to the translation of medical works. And it is by translating Medical material by William Cullen that he comes across a passage that will transform his thinking…

The principle of similarity, first pillar of homeopathy

The doctor discovers that cinchona, used to combat fevers and malaria can, if administered for too long, cause a fever similar to that traditionally combated by the plant. He then tried the experiment on himself, taking the remedy for several days and developing one by one the different symptoms of malaria even though he had until then been in perfect health. He has just discovered the principle of similarity, first pillar of homeopathy. Immediately supplemented by a second rule: infinitesimality. To provoke a simple defense of the body and mobilize the patient’s self-healing capacities, the substance capable of triggering the symptoms must be absorbed in tiny quantities. Hahnemann will thus experiment with belladonna, arsenic… by determining for each remedy tested (more than 1,200 natural substances) the key symptoms appearing most commonly. Then symptoms a little less frequent. So, a bee sting causes reddish swelling, a burning sensation. The remedy will be Apis mellificaprepared from whole bees, to be used in certain cases of insect stings, but also to counteract others burning pain accompanied by inflammation.

Homeopathic treatments for different ailments

It exists more than 3,000 homeopathic medicinesobtained from three great kingdoms of nature: the plant world (whole plant, bark, root, etc.), mineral (gold, silver, salts such as silver nitrate for Argentum nitricum or natural complex salts such as sea salt for Natrum muriaticum), or sometimes animal (substances coming from secretions, dilutions of animal organs, etc.). Homeopathic remedies have different areas of predilection (everyday ailments, ENT, digestive disorders, etc.), including stress and the ailments it causes.

Granules to cause progressive and lasting improvement

The principle consists of macerating plant and mineral materials, etc. in a mixture of alcohol and water which is filtered to obtain what is called a mother tincture. Its name appears in Latin on the granule tubes and blood cell doses. This mother tincture is then more or less diluted (to go from 1 CH to 30 CH, the highest dilution authorized in France) before impregnating small pearls of sucrose and lactose (sugars), the granules. These are approximately 75 to 80 per tube which are taken at a rate of 2 to 5 granules 1 to 5 times a day to induce a progressive and lasting improvement of the body.

What is the difference with globules ? These are ten times smaller than the granules but their composition is identical. Their “dose” to be taken at once is, for example, supposed to remove a physical or psychological barrier via a “flash” effect causing a rapid reaction of the body. Like a dose of Gelsemium 9 CH to relieve stress before an exam.

A homeopathic treatment adapted to each case

Acute stress following a great fear : Arnica montana 15 CH 1 dose as quickly as possible.

Stress of the hyperactive person, rather sedentary, always on edge, drinking too much coffee and smoking too much: Nux vomica 9 CH 3 granules upon waking up and going to bed.

Stress of the overwhelmed person, who would like to have finished before having started, who feels overwhelmed: Argentum nitricum 9 CH 3 granules upon waking up and going to bed.

Stress accompanied by nervous fatigue which makes you emotional, tearful and insomniac: Ambra grisea 9 CH 3 granules upon waking up and going to bed.

Stress linked to intellectual overwork or repeated worries with insomnia, memory problems and possibly headaches and difficulty tolerating noise: Kalium phosphoricum 9 CH 3 granules upon waking up and going to bed.

Stress accompanied by violent abdominal pain aggravated by pressing on the stomach, diarrhea and/or nausea: Colocynthis 5 CH 3 granules upon waking up and going to bed.

Stress accompanied by digestive crampsuterine or dorso-lumbar, frequent urge to urinate, chest tightness, lump in the throat, calmed by agitation: Magnesia muriatica 5 CH 3 granules upon waking up and going to bed.

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