Here is the unexpected tip for losing weight while sleeping according to a nutrition coach
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Here is the unexpected tip for losing weight while sleeping according to a nutrition coach

Losing weight while sleeping, is it really possible? We share with you an unexpected tip that could help you.

Here is the unexpected tip for losing weight while sleeping according to a nutrition coach

Losing weight sometimes turnsobsession. It must be said that we are not spared, especially as women, by the numerous injunctions to meet certain standards. Between the demands of body positive and the countless image editing to erase the slightest defect, there is something become schizo ! Nevertheless, it is a fact that we have an increasing tendency to push our bodies down the slope ofobesity and above all the serious risks that may arise from it.

In all cases, eat better And burn more of calories is a healthy approach to adopt. Losing weightif it’s our choice deep, can help you feel better and live longer. It is not negligible. L’food is obviously a key factor in this equation. Saying goodbye to the excess of processed and ultra-processed products allows us to make more room for raw foods more balanced. But that’s not all, we still need to move more and, we often forget, sleep better !

Sleep to lose weight?

As recalled in an article from GalaTHE sleep weighs a lot, no pun intended, on our ability has losing weight. The accumulation of fatigue leads to many reactions which push the body to store more than fathas to research more than sugars. In short, nothing good on the horizon. A body well rested is more able to working properly. This also avoids the cellular stress which can harm our organs as well. Sleeping better is therefore already a guarantee of not contributing to creating conditions that lead to weight gain.

Of course, our bodyeven at rest, needs fuel. THE basic metabolismwhich corresponds approximately to all the functions necessary for life, consumesenergy. This means that even while sleepingWe let’s burn of the calories. However, don’t expect it to have melted in the morning. The difference in weight seen on the scale may only be due to digestion or the elimination of water. However, as a nutrition coach reveals, we consume every night 0.42 calories by hour by kilo weight. Of course, it’s far from the marathon…

A method to increase calories consumed

According to certain specialists, there are methods which would help losing weight during the sleep (a little), or, at least, burn more of calories, and this, without doing anything special. This is obviously not not a miracle solutionbut its ease of Implementation invites you to try, especially as summer approaches. So, sleep in the simplest device could contribute to force OUR body has consume more of energy. Therefore, just by sleeping, we would tend to exceed this average of 0.42. The reason behind this simply lies in the need of our organization to maintain a constant temperature.

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A little extra in a global approach

Unlike other animals whose body temperature varies, ours is constant. It’s practical, it allows us to do a lot of things without depending on the weather. To achieve this, our organization has need for energy. If we are less coveredwe will automatically burn a little of calories to compensate. That’s it ! Sleeping naked (or almost) would therefore have virtues For losing weight. If you also sleep with your partner who does the same, it is possible that this will lead to increased activity which will also lead to calorie consumption. The icing on the cake (which you shouldn’t eat afterwards as it would ruin all your efforts!).

In any case, this method should obviously not be seen as a unique approach to lose weight. It cannot replace a more global thinking on our food and our daily habits. However, nothing prevents you from testing it in addition to the rest, in order to grab a few little extras. So just because you’ll sleep naked doesn’t mean the extra-cheesy pizza of the evening will be forgotten. If you decide to give in, do it without guilt, because guilt has never made anyone lose weight effectively.

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