Alternative Medicine – The 5 best mutual insurance companies 2024
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Alternative Medicine – The 5 best mutual insurance companies 2024

More and more French people tend to turn to alternative or natural medicine such as aromatherapy, hypnosis, acupuncture or chiropractic. These practices represent alternatives to classical medicine but still remain poorly recognized. Social Security does not in fact cover these therapies which aim to care for the body and mind: only a mutual health insurance including a dedicated package can contribute to the reimbursement of your consultations.

Compare the alternative medicine mutual funds and the best 2023 packages to benefit from care for your sessions with complete peace of mind!

What are alternative medicines?

They bring together a set of therapeutic practices that coexist with conventional medicine. Also called alternative, natural or holistic medicines, they are less invasive and focus on treating ailments by going back to their root cause. Some alternative medicines are inspired by traditional treatments while others have more contemporary approaches.

More than 400 disciplines are today listed as alternative medicine. They are classified into 4 categories :

  • biologically based therapies
  • bodily manipulations
  • complete systems
  • and “body-mind” approaches

Among the best-known practices, we find in particular:

  • homeopathy: it consists of administering very diluted substances corresponding to the symptoms to be combated;
  • acupuncture: linked to Chinese medical tradition, it aims to stimulate specific points of the body with needles in order to obtain therapeutic effects;
  • osteopathy: this manual therapy consists of treating mobility restrictions by manipulating the body;
  • chiropractic: very similar to the previous technique, chiropractic aims to adjust the vertebrae to relieve headaches or back problems;
  • Shiatsu: in this practice originating in Japan, the caregiver applies pressure (with their hands or elbow) to specific locations on the body to circulate the energy;
  • Reiki: this form of magnetism is based on the transmission of energy from the practitioner to the patient, by the hands or remotely;
  • phytotherapy: it refers to the art of treating oneself or preventing the onset of an illness using the active ingredients contained in plants;
  • reflexology: this technique of Chinese origin consists of stimulating reflex points located in the hand or soles of the feet;
  • sophrology: it brings together several relaxation, breathing and personal development techniques.

Alternative medicine: how are they reimbursed?

THE refund and the treatment of alternative medicines is a subject not to be taken lightly. These natural medicines are not yet fully recognized by Health Insurance. Sessions carried out with these practitioners are therefore not covered by Social Security, but mutual health insurance can cover them.

Alternative medicine: reimbursements by Social Security

Social Security no longer reimburseshomeopathy since January 1, 2021.

Do not count on alternative medicine support in other disciplines either.

In fact, it does not finance consultations (e.g.: osteopathy) only on condition that they are carried out by a general practitioner trained in this practice: in this case, the coverage by Social Security amounts to 70% of the conventional rate (i.e. approximately €15).

Also, if you are a follower of these practices, only alternative medicine mutual insurance can reimburse your sessions to the osteopath, sophrologist or acupuncturist.

How are alternative medicines reimbursed by mutual insurance?

Some health insurance companies offer packages dedicated to the reimbursement of natural medicines, which can take the following forms:

  • Annual fee expressed in euros: carefully consult the list of alternative medicines covered by the mutual insurance company because not all of them appear there;
  • A limited number of sessions per yearwith a reimbursement ceiling: for example, your contract gives you the right to 4 sessions per year, up to €30 per session.

To find mutual health insurance that includes alternative medicine in its guarantees, use our online insurance comparator : in a few minutes, we select the offers corresponding to your profile. Take advantage of the care that really suits you and save on your healthcare costs!

TOP 5 Alternative medicine mutuals 2024

We compare 29 health insurers: in total, it is more than 400 offers that we study. We have therefore established a comparative table of the best alternative medicine mutual contracts, detailing the conditions of coverage and the practices concerned by reimbursement.

To obtain your price and your personalized quote, all you have to do is carry out your own free simulation in 3 minutes.

Mutual health

Alternative Medicine Package

Practices reimbursed

Price per month*

120€ / year

(max 40€ / session and up to 3 per year)

Osteopath, acupuncturist, psychologist, dietician, podiatrist, chiropractor


general mutualgeneral mutual

120€ / year

Osteopath, chiropractor, reflexologist, sophrologist, phytotherapist, podiatrist


150€ / year

(max 30€ / session and up to 5 per year)

Dietitian, psychomotor therapist, naturopath, osteopath, etiopath, chiropractor, micro physiotherapist, nutritionist


160€ / year

(max 40€ / session and up to 4 per year)

Dietician, nutritionist, chiropodist/podiatrist, hypnotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, psychotherapist, etiopath, psychomotor therapist, sophrologist, sexologist, osteopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, homeopath, auriculotherapist, phytotherapist, cryotherapy


direct insurancedirect insurance
120€ / year

(max 40€ / session and up to 3 per year)

Osteopath, acupuncturist, homeopath, psychomotor therapist, psychologist, occupational therapist and chiropractor


*Non-contractual prices, obtained in January 2024 on the Hyperassur comparator. Quotes made for a 35 year old man living in Dijon.

Your questions about the Alternative Medicine Mutual

Identités Mutuelle and Selfassurance offer alternative medicine coverage of €200 per year. The other care stations are also well covered. Meilleurtaux Santé also includes a package of €160 per year for alternative medicine and represents the best benefit/price ratio.

Meilleurtaux Santé includes foot reflexology in its package dedicated to well-being: up to €200 per year (limited to €40 per consultation). Before subscribing to mutual health insurance, always check which alternative medicine practices are included in the package.

You must consult the detailed table of guarantees and check whether the chosen formula includes a wellness or natural medicine package. You can also consult the list of practices covered: the majority of mutual health insurance companies reimburse osteopathy (Aésio Mutuelle, Cocoon, Meilleurtaux Santé, etc.).

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