16 Best Beard Oils for Black Men (2023)

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Is there a better feeling in the world than showing up to your family reunion with a just-trimmed, perfectly shaped beard? Absolutely not! If you want to impress friends and family, you need a beard oil you can trust.

Beard oil is a miracle worker. It’s a one-stop shop for transforming and curing whatever ails your fine facial hair. Got scraggly patches of hair that feel rough? Beard oil can fix that. Tired of scratching your chin because it’s so gosh darn itchy? Beard oil can fix that.

The right beard oil is the ultimate weapon in your arsenal for improving your facial hair. It contains the correct blend of nutrients and plant oils that can tame any beard – even the wildest. We’ve done the research and gathered the 16 best beard oils for black men in 2023 so you can choose from the cream of the crop.

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1. Blu Atlas Beard Oil


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Ready for the good stuff? The Blu Atlas Beard Oil is the best beard oil for black men in 2023. It’s a no-nonsense formula that is vegan, cruelty-free and guaranteed to help your beard look and feel fabulous.

Blu Atlas is a skin- and hair-care company that focuses on delivering high-quality products to men. Men – and especially black men – get overlooked in the wellness industry. Blu Atlas is a brand that aims to change that. Their products are free from sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrances and phthalates, and only contain the good stuff.

By ditching the harsh chemicals, they help men elevate their beard game. Their beard oil utilizes four plant oils that come straight from nature herself. A dream team of oils – jojoba seed, argan, neem and grapeseed – work to hydrate, soothe and rejuvenate every square inch of your beard.

The Blu Atlas Beard Oil is the best beard oil for black men in 2023.

2. Jack Black Beard Oil


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All hail the beard oil from Jack Black. This is a hard-working oil that will soften brittle beard hairs and give it an all-over healthy glow that transforms dull, tired-looking beards into full, lustrous manes.

Jack Black is a well-known, trusted brand that uses natural ingredients to improve men’s hair and skin. Their beard oil is stocked with vitamins and nutrients that soothe, hydrate and nourish your beard without leaving greasy streaks or oily residue.

We recommend it for black men who want an antioxidant-packed oil that provides shiny, glossy hair.

3. Everyday Hustle Beard Oil for Men


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Formulated for black men by black men, this beard oil delivers strength and moisture to your beard. If your beard has become wild, unmanageable, rough or dehydrated, this oil will do the work to repair and restore it.

Argan, jojoba and coconut oils replenish moisture while taming unruly areas. Use the oil daily to replace lost moisture in your hair and skin, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Everyday Hustle Beard Oil will keep your beard looking trim and elegant without any fuss.

4. Tom Ford Conditioning Beard Oil


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Want something a bit more bougie? If your wallet can manage it, we recommend Tom Ford’s Conditioning Beard Oil. It hits all the right spots for black men in terms of moisture, strengthening, softening and adding shine.

Along with the pretty price tag, you get the subtle scent of warm oud wood and tobacco vanilla. While the aroma is appealing, it’s lightweight enough that it won’t compete with your cologne or eau de parfum. Tom Ford’s luxury products are an excellent choice for men who want to upgrade their grooming products and invest in high-quality items.

5. Le Labo Beard Oil


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Keeping your beard in perfect shape has never been easier. Le Labo Beard Oil carries the elegant scent of lavender and bergamot, and softens your beard from the first drop. It’s a classic beard-softening oil that has been helping men around the globe.

Worried Le Labo’s oil is a waste of money? Don’t fret! Men who use the oil claim that it calms down coarse, rough strands and hydrates to perfection. With this beard oil, you don’t have to worry about rough, itchy patches or your romantic partner complaining about beard burn.

Le Labo Beard Oil is a luxury grooming product that is worth the high price.

6. Aesop Shine Hair & Beard Oil


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Start your day with a blast of natural ingredients that condition and treat your beard. Jojoba, avocado, olive fruit and grapeseed oils glide into your hair and skin and restore optimal moisture levels. The oil is a premium blend of ingredients that nourish and support your hair and skin.

While the Shine Hair & Beard Oil is expensive, men who use it say it’s worth every penny. The oil keeps scruffy-looking hair in check and ensures your beard is always ready for your next party or event.

7. Bulldog Original Beard Oil


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After primping and preening in front of the mirror, and trimming your beard to perfection, follow it up with Bulldog’s Original Beard Oil. This is an action-packed treatment that instantly improves your beard’s health.

There’s no need to worry about breakouts or itchiness because the formula contains gentle, soothing ingredients to treat the scruffiest of beards. Aloe vera, green tea and camelina oil absorb into your hair and skin to add much-needed vigor and shine. The Original Beard Oil is a simple, no-nonsense oil that is ideal for men who like budget-friendly and effective self-care products.

8. Bevel Beard Oil


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A brand that focuses on men of color, Bevel’s shaving products are some of the best for black men. The oil contains exactly what black men need to treat thick, coarse facial hair and the skin beneath it.

Get a few drops of the oil, gently spread it over your beard and watch the magic happen. The lightweight oil rapidly absorbs into your hair and skin and offers long-lasting hydration that will leave your beard looking full and fabulous. Bevel Beard Oil is the best beard oil for black men from a black-owned business.

9. Supply Activating Beard Serum


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You can ditch the boring beard oil. The Activating Beard Serum from Supply is where real beard improvement is happening. The three-in-one serum contains a proprietary blend of natural moisturizers and ingredients to boost the health of your beard.

Jojoba oil and willow bark are two stars of the show, and they help you get a fuller, thicker-looking beard with just a few sprays. Our favorite thing about the serum is how easy it is to spray it over facial hair and disperse it evenly. The Activating Beard Serum is the best beard oil for guys who want a beard oil that goes the extra mile.

10. Honest Amish Beard Oil


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Honest Amish Beard Oil is a no-nonsense conditioning treatment that smoothes, soothes and hydrates coarse, rough beards. It’s a blend of natural plant oils, including argan, jojoba, avocado, pumpkin seed and sweet almond.

Black men with dense beards will appreciate this nourishing treatment that makes facial hair more manageable. It’s one of the best beard oils because it is packed with plant oils that are great for your beard.

11. SCF Natural King Pro-Growth Beard Oil


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Guys looking for help in the growth department will get along just fine with this beard oil that improves hair growth. Castor oil is the key ingredient that jumpstarts stunted hair growth while hydrating and moisturizing your hair and skin.

Natural King Pro-Growth Beard Oil is one of the best beard oils for black men seeking fuller hair growth.

12. Black N Manly Beard Oil


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The name says it all. Black N Manly Beard Oil is a softening, conditioning treatment that turns thick, coarse beards into ultra-soft, smooth hair. It will tame frizz, improve your skin and remove buildup that may cause itchiness or rough patches.

13. Bossman Beard Oil Jelly


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Treat your beard to a jelly formula that gives your beard the same benefits as beard oil. Instead of swiping on your usual beard oil, reach for this jelly product that feels super soothing and thick when you spread it onto your face.

You might be thinking that a jelly will be too sticky and cloying. But we’re here to tell you to give it a try. It’s a soothing, conditioning treatment that promotes hair growth and leaves your beard looking groomed and trimmed.

14. Golden Grooming Co. Beard Oil


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Golden Grooming Co. is a black-owned business that creates products for black men. Key ingredients tea tree oil, castor oil and peppermint dive into the hair and skin to provide ultra-fresh softness. Gussy up with their beard oil every morning to improve your rough-looking beard.

15. Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil


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Looking for a simple, low-key beard oil that can address issues like split ends, dryness and damaged facial hair? Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil is the perfect treatment option. It’s packed with antioxidants and ingredients that restore the strength and health of your facial hair with just a few drops.

16. Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil


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You really can’t go wrong with Kiehl’s products. They’re a trusted brand focused on creating safe skin and hair products. Their Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil is packed with ingredients that transform boring, lifeless beards into shiny, soft trophies of achievement.

The Complete Guide to Beard Oils for Black Men

Don’t let the vast number of beard oils on the market scare you away from finding your perfect match. Think of it as an opportunity to sift through the hundreds of products that may work wonders for your facial hair – and, of course, we have hand-selected the 16 best beard oils for black men so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about beard oils before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a nourishing liquid treatment. Most beard oils contain premium oils and natural ingredients that soothe and hydrate the skin and hair on your face. They are a blast of nourishing ingredients that treat a wide range of issues and are responsible for softening and taming rough beards.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Anyone with dry, flaky skin knows that beard oils can work their magic and leave your face feeling hydrated and happy. Beard oils soak into the skin to provide irritation-free moisture and provide a myriad of benefits. They leave your hair and skin silky smooth, tame frizzy, coarse or rough patches, offer optimal hydration, reduce irritation and often have a wonderful aroma that complements your cologne.

How to Choose a Beard Oil

Choosing a beard oil probably won’t be the most important thing you’ve ever done, but it will undoubtedly make a difference to the state of your facial hair. We want you to look and feel your best, so you should choose an oil tailored to your needs. Here are the key features to be aware of as you shop.

Good Ingredients in Beard Oil

When shopping for self-care or grooming products, we highly recommend opting for organic, nature-based natural oils and ingredients.

Gents, keep your eyes open for these top ingredients in beard oils:

  • Argan oil: A real crowd-pleaser, argan oil helps minimize split ends (important for short beard hair), softens rough hair and prevents damage. The natural oil is a lightweight moisturizer that helps reduce beard dandruff and eliminate itch, and doesn’t leave your hair greasy. As far as natural oils go, argan is one of the finest, offering some of the best benefits for beards.
  • Jojoba oil: A natural humectant, jojoba oil works like a charm when treating coarse facial hair. It’s a lightweight, non-greasy hydrator that leaves your skin and hair feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Tea tree oil: While it may not be a popular choice for many black men, it’s the perfect antidote for those with oily or acne-prone skin. The natural oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that ensure the skin under your beard remains healthy and free from blemishes and bacteria. It’s also nourishing enough to soften and hydrate your facial hair. When using a beard oil formula with tea tree oil, ensure it doesn’t carry the strong “tea tree oil” scent. Most men prefer to avoid the aroma as it is strong and overpowering.
  • Grapeseed oil: A good friend to beards, grapeseed oil helps with hair growth while adding shine and boosting your hair’s natural strength. The oil also reduces frizz and tames flyaways while softening any rough patches.
  • Neem oil: Neem oil isn’t an ingredient typically added to beard oils, but it has some proven benefits that you’ll be raving about. Neem oil contains antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help your hair and skin. It’s effective at curbing itchiness and irritation caused by beard dandruff while moisturizing rough, coarse hairs.

Whatever you do, always opt for products made with safe, natural ingredients.

Ingredients to Avoid

Harsh ingredients can affect the state of your beard, which is why we recommend steering clear of harmful or toxic chemicals. Ingredients to avoid include parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, alcohol, phthalates and artificial fragrances.

Top Tips and Tricks for Beard Oil

Want to get the most from your beard oil? Follow our top tips and tricks to achieve the snazziest facial hair in the building.

How to Use Beard Oil

The No. 1 rule of beard oil is not to overthink it – or overapply it. If you overapply this liquid gold, you’ll likely have a shiny, fresh beard, but you may clog your pores and cause unwanted breakouts and blemishes.

Before using beard oil, you should shower – or just wash your face if you’re short on time. Allow your face and beard time to dry before applying. Place a few drops of the oil in the palms of your hands and warm it up. Then, using your palms, spread the product evenly all over your beard and gently rub it in with downward motions.

Depending on how thick your beard or mustache is, you may need a few extra drops of product to moisturize your hair. Ensure the oil is spread evenly on the skin beneath your beard but isn’t too heavy or thick.

When using beard oil, take care not to overapply it. If you’re worried you’ve overapplied, wash your face with a cleanser and try again. It’s always better to slightly underapply than to overapply (like watering your plants).

How Often Should I Use Beard Oil?

It depends on your hair type and beard oil. Most beard oils should be applied once daily alongside your morning – or evening – grooming routines. With daily use, you should enjoy improvements in your beard shine, softness and more.

Some men should skip daily use and opt for an every-other-day or a once-weekly schedule. Men with oily or acne-prone skin may benefit from less frequent use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use beard oil if I have oily or acne-prone skin?

Yes, you can use beard oil if you have oily or acne-prone skin. You’ll want to look for lighter oils that nourish facial hair without clogging pores and causing acne. Products with tea tree oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil work best for black men with oily skin. When applying the oil, start with one to two drops because it is easy to overapply and create a thick layer of hydrating liquid.

Does beard oil work?

Yes, beard oil works. It improves the appearance of facial hair by softening hair, taming frizz or roughness, and adding shine. While it may not instantly give you the beard of your dreams, it will improve the overall look of your beard and maintain its appearance as it grows. For many men, using beard oil is a great way to transform a scruffy-looking beard into a refined, dapper look.

What’s the best beard oil for black men?

The Blu Atlas Beard Oil is the best beard oil for black men in 2023. Whether you’re looking to fill in patchy spots or want the most divinely soft beard the world has ever felt, Blu Atlas’ best-selling beard oil can help. We recommend signing up for their “subscribe & save” option because it saves you 20% with every purchase and will have your beard looking fresh in no time. 

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